Why Choose Hemp Paste?

For thousands of years, Cannabis oils have been used in edibles and medicine. In 2003 Canadian Rick Simpson who was making an alcohol-based extraction noticed a correlation or improvement with his cancer when he consumed the THC oil more frequently. Out of curiosity Mr. Simpson decided to try the oil on a tumor on his arm and after a couple weeks it disappeared, and this is where he coined the phrase RSO or Rick Simpson oil.

Mr. Simpson stirred up a political bee hive because millions around the world wanted to support Cannabis and now it is a cure! Now it has become a “Cause” to make people better.

Ever since Mr. Simpson’s discovery the CBD and THC oil world has 100{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} followed the idea of extracting oil from the cannabis plant.

To this day, 100{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} of the billion-dollar CBD and THC oil industries are creating some form of an extraction. Even though it has helped and even cured thousands of people with so many kinds of illnesses, scientists are just now discovering that the CBD and RSO oils are flawed. It has been found that the chemical extraction process is greatly damaging many of the 480 compounds in the plant. Extraction actually destroys the majority of the Terpenes and some of the delicate types of cannabinoids. In short it breaks the genetic code of the plant thus making the medicine inferior to its original state. Even in its damaged state, CBD and THC oils have become a multibillion-dollar industry for a reason. The big question is, how much more effective is the whole genetic code or the whole plant product otherwise known as Hemp Paste?

Let’s first ask two simple questions.

  1. Who or what person decided that the plant itself had to be processed into an oil in order for it to be effective?
  2. Why would we create an environmental footprint using machines and chemicals when all it does is destroys the medicinal value and increases the cost which is then passed onto the consumer?

Did you know that the CBD and THC oil extraction method cannot extract all of the 480 different kinds of compounds in the plant?  Oil companies are not concerned about the missing cannabinoids or Terpenes due to the reasoning of “why bother changing something that already works”.

So, there are two major reasons why this is a concern.

  • Reason #1, during extraction you lose up to 40{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} of the cannabinoids that are stuck in the plant matter and then thrown in the trash. Hemp Paste retains 100{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} of the compounds and the genetic code of the plant, creating an affordable and more effective product.
  • Reason #2, because CBD oil does NOT contain the whole Genetic code of the plant. The effectiveness of medicine is limited by the damage occurred based on how many times CBD oil companies run their plant through the machine trying to squeeze out any possible profits.  Here is the catch, if you run the plant through the machines fast and just one time and only get 50{3e4954d70d93af20f975e1d92edcf52bb70eda81f1d74e2a3ccea2be4e610ec9} of the medicine you might get a very small number of Terpenes or if you run the machine for a long time and several passes you will destroy all the Terpenes and certain delicate Cannabinoids.